Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone! I am joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. I am thankful that Grammie was here on Wednesday, I love her so very much. I am also thankful Mom bought me 2 bags of catnip Greenies that I don’t have to share. I am also thankful that my Purrince sent me this photo -isn’t he the most handsome boy ever? I am a lucky kitty girl.

Mom caught me with my tongue out, she thinks that is funny.

And here is my poem for Sammy’s Poetry Day, featuring the letter V.

Blood thirsty vampires are everywhere
they breathe the same air.
They look just like women and men
we get fooled time and again.
They wear a veterinarian disguise
so next time you see one scratch out their eyes.

Sorry, I got a little dramatic. I know they are going to steal my blood again next week.

And here are the Friend;y Fill-ins for tomorrow. They would love to have more entries so I am begging you to join in the fun, please. Mom came up with the first two and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second two.

1. My favorite cereal is _________________.

2. My prom ____________________.

3. The                         thing about                     is                           .

4. I cannot help                            , but                                       .


Temptations Tuesday

Hi everyone! Today is not usually my day to write, but Mom said I could because I have lots to tell you and Thursdays are busy with blog hops.

Grammie was here Monday and look what she bought for ME. My favorite flavor of Temptations. I love her so very much.

Mom says I can’t eat as many treats as I want anymore because I have high blood pressure. I am taking a pill for it though and it is fine now so I don’t know why I can’t keep having lots of treats. Maybe if Mom would stop schlepping me off to the vets my blood pressure wouldn’t be so high.

I got mail on Monday too! My thoughtful, sweet and handsome purrince sent me this beautiful card.

And my purrince and I got to spend time together at an amusement park as part of Blogville’s Spring Break. You can see us and lots of others having fun over on Madi’s blog.

You all had a lot of good guesses on what today’s A-Z Blogging Challenge item would be, but no one guessed an Uncle Sam Hat. Any guesses for V?



Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone!!Time to get hopping, we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. I am thankful that I got to see my Grammie on Wednesday. I love her so very much and I get sad when I don’t see her.

  I am in the bunk bed because I am all tuckered out from the Kits, Kritters and K9s Valentine’s K-oss dance. My purrince and I had a wonderful time. Click here to see photos and please remember the camera adds 10 pounds and they are all on my butt-phooey!

Mom sometimes write articles for The Daily Mews , but this month I decided to give it a try. I am svelte so I am just the one to give dieting advice to Mom and KaTwo. They haven’t followed any of it though. Click here.

And for Sammy’s Poetry Day , featuring the letter J, I have written a poem about Jinx.

Jinx is a handsome mancat
there is no denying that.
He likes human, rabbits and dogs
I bet he even likes frogs.
There is one thing he does hate
other cats, he won’t tolerate.


Mom is skipping the movie hop this week because it is Shakespeare adaptations and she hasn’t seen any. Here are the fill-ins for tomorrow, Mom came up with the 1st two and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the 2nd two.

1. Snow ___________________.
2. My favorite kind of soup is ______________________.

3. When no one is around, I                                      

4.                      is my                         .



Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone! We are going to do lots of hops today. First off, we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. I am thankful that I got to see my Grammie on Wednesday, I love her so very much. Brody is thankful too because Leia said yes to being his Valentine. If you missed her post, click here. thankfulthursdaybadge

And I am thankful for my purrince, he sent me a beautiful Valentine’s card with a lovely poem in it. I am such a lucky girl.

I am also joining Sammy’s Poetry Day, featuring the letter I.

Indoor Only
I am an indoor cat
I am happy about that.
I don’t have to worry about getting hit by a truck
that would really suck.
I won’t get stuck up in a tree
or get stung by a bee.
I wish you all would all stay in the house
even if it means not catching a mouse.


One of our blogging friends, Curious as a Cathy, let us know about a fun hop on Wandering Through the Shelves. Each week you name 3 movies that go with the theme. Mom used to watch a lot of movies, not as many lately though, but she thought this would be fun. The theme this week is genius/prodigy.Here are our choices:

  1. A Beautiful Mind (2001) : Russell Crowe as brilliant mathematician John Nash who also suffers from severe mental illness.
  2. The Theory of Everything ( 2014): Movie about the life of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking.
  3. Snowden (2016): Movie about Edward Snowden and how he revealed NSA’s illegal surveillance techniques. Not sure if he is considered a genius, but after seeing the film and knowing how well he could program computers, he is a genius in my book.

And now what you have been waiting to know- the winner of the first water activated fish is: Friends Forever! Congratulations to Allie, Ellie and Raz. I will have another giveaway soon for the other one and I am begging my Mom to order more being that they are so popular.

One more thing…the Friendly Fill-Ins for Friday. Mom came up with the 1st two and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the 2nd two.

1. My favorite kind of cookie is _______________________.
2. ___________________________ would play me in a movie about my life.

3. Love is                            .

4. For Valentine’s Day, I                                .




Selfie Sunday with Phoebe

Hi everyone!  I know I look a little funny, but these earmuffs really do help block out the sound of Mom’s caterwauling singing Christmas music. 100_9919

Speaking of Christmas, I got my first card already and it is from my Purrince.

100_9921 Sorry, I blocked his photo, I was kissing him.

My shades made it to Cat Scout Charles and we thank his Mom for this photo. charles

They still have a lot more places to go so don’t worry if you signed up, they will get to you- someday.

I haven’t seen my Grammie since Wednesday. I love her so very much, I hope I see her soon.

Have any of you ever heard of Festivus? It was started on Seinfeld, my Mom loves to watch that show even though she has seen every episode a bazillion times. 100_9922

I am thinking of having a Festivus party. We would get to air our grievances about our folks and then have a feats of strength contest with a pole. Is anyone interested? It would be on December 23rd.

And the winner of our my Thanksgiving giveaway for a catnip mat, crocheted turkey leg and pilgrim hat is It’s All About the Cats!  Congratulations!

We are joining The Cat on my Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.



Sunday Selfies and #JHC Day 9

Hi everyone! dscf2668 You are not seeing double, I am posing with my 2 containers of treats. Dad got me one on Tuesday and then Grammie brought me one on Thursday. I love my Grammie so very much and my Dad too.

My purrince wrote me another poem:

“All tho’ mee callss Phoebe
mee Purrincess,
Shee reelly iss a Queen.
Reegal an kind,
She iss a true find….
An shee iss all mine…..
Purrincess Phoebe mee Queen!!!!”
bye Purrince Siddhartha Henry
All mee LUV an ***paw kissesss*** xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am still very worried about him and don’t want him to have to live on a farm. He is such a sweet boy.

I am worried about my Mom too, she is acting even stranger than her usual. I caught her cutting up a book. She loves books, why would she cut one up? She claims she is making something, I agree, she is making a mess.


100_9650 Joanie and Brody were sharing Mom’s lap the other night. Prancie is off to the side.

I helped Mom crochet a scarf with a cute cat button on it.dscf2663 You can see it and bid if you want on Winnie’s Wish auction page. There are lots of great items it is never too early to start your Christmas or Hannukah shopping.

We are joining our friends The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies blog hop.








Today’s word for the #JHC is night. And Mom lights up her fake carved pumpkins at night. This is her Grumpy Cat one she has in the bedroom.




Friendly Fill-Ins Week 22

Hi everyone! Before we get to the Fill-Ins, I want to give you an update on Phoebe’s blood work. Her thyroid is now fine with 1/2 pill twice a day. She does have the start of kidney disease though. Unfortunately, I wasn’t home when the vet called so that is all I know for now. When I talk to the vet we will discuss the diet.

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 22. Be sure to add your link on McGuffy’s Reader.
1. My favorite store is _____________________.
2. An unanswered prayer I am thankful for is _______________________.

3. At Halloween, I                                       .

4. I                        the supernatural, because                                      .

My answers:

  1. My favorite store is MICHAEL’S CRAFT STORE.

One prayer we do hope gets answered is for Phoebe’s Purrince. His latest vet recommended euthanasia despite his being healthy. He is always welcome to live with us as an option, but this vet doesn’t think re-homing would work. If you have any suggestions please visit them. And please pray.

We are also praying for everyone to be safe from Hurricane Matthew.

The word today for #JHC is Monster. stinky

My Stinky was not afraid of our Frankenstein Monster. I miss my Stinky.




#JHC Day 2 and Sunday Selfies

Hi everyone! I have a great giveaway starting today. Mom loves Halloween so much that we are doing two for Halloween. This one is black cat themed in celebration of the new book Layla of Cat Wisdom developed and edited to promote black cat adoptions called Black Cats Tell All.


The giveaway is for this beautiful catnip mat with black cats on it, a small purse with black cats( brown ones and grey ones too) on it, a black cat silicone trivet and a crocheted pumpkin. To enter, type black cats rock! in the comments ( you can write something else too, but that is all you need to enter). I will announce the winner on Tuesday.

I saw my Grammie yesterday. I love her so very much. I don’t think she loves me though, she didn’t bring me any treats.

The word for today in the #JHC Challenge is ghost.

Mom thought this photos of Lucy from 2010 would be perfect:


My sweet purrince wrote me a poem on Thursday, he is so romantic:

“Purrincess Phoebe

mee buttercup sweetie!!!
You are mee werld,
mee Purrincess gurl.
There can bee no other…
because yur sweet as butter!
Mee heart does sing,
yur mee efurry fing!!!
Purrincess Phoebe
mee fur ever sweetie…..”

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies, suck up  Brody wants to wish all our Jewish friends a Shanah Tova! Mom made him his own yarmulke:



#Remember the Rescue

Hi everyone!  I have so much to tell you, but first I want to remind you that today is #Remember Me Thursday to bring awareness to all pets in need of forever homes. Click here to learn more about it. Several of us came from shelters, Joanie and Sammy came from Second Chance and Snowball and KaTwo came from the Secaucus New Jersey Animal Shelter.


Mom entered Snowball’s photo with the hope of helping the shelter win much needed food. If you have a pet from a shelter, you can enter on the website or just post a photo on Instagram or Twitter and label it #RemembertheRescue.

I got to see Grammie yesterday and she will be here today to feed us snacks cat sit while Mom and Dad are out. I love her so very much.

And Sammy wants to thank his friend Sammy K. for his birthday card:

sammypbirthday2016  it is also time for Sammy’s poetry Day featuring the letter O. I have written a haiku for my purrince.


I love my purrince
he is my one and only
I am so blessed


And I will let Mom answer the question for P.S. Annie’s 19-Somethin Challenge is When did you first live on your own? Did you buy or rent your first home?  Does living in the college dorm count as living on your own? If so, I was 18. I lived at college for 4 years, coming home for the summer and a lot of weekends too. After college, I lived at home for a year until I got married and then moved in with my hubby. Fortunately, he already owned a home and I hope we will be here for the rest of our lives. Here is a photo taken right after the new roof and siding were put on in 2010.


And here are the friendly fill-ins for tomorrow:

1. The last movie I saw at the theater was _________________________________.
2. The title of my autobiography would be _____________________________________

3. I would love to learn                                   .
4. I am glad that I learned                                    , because                           .



Happy Phoebe

Hi everyone! I guess my poem worked, I saw Grammie Friday and Saturday! I love her so very, very much. Plus she is going to watch us when Mom and Dad go to see Star Trek on Monday. DSCF2112 (2)

My Purrince sent me a letter and lots of photos. He is such a sweet and handsome boy.


DSCF2119 (2) This one is my favorite!

I am so happy that I decided to have a giveaway! It has been so hot that I thought some ice cream might cool you down.

DSCF2113 (2)

The winner will get a catnip mat ( ice cream printed fabric) , a crocheted ice cream cone and a button art card with an ice cream cone on it. I am not going to make it easy though. Mom likes to watch some of her favorite movies during her birthday month of July ( glad that is almost over) so I took some notes. You need to identify the films these quotes are from, the one that gets the most correct will win. If several of you get them all correct then I will have a drawing for the winner. Mom has strange tastes so this is going to be tough. Hint: They are not all Nicolas Cage films. Put your answers in the comments, we will keep the guessing open until Monday 9PM EST, the winner will be announced Tuesday.

  1. ” The blouse man is on the premises”
  2. ” I carried a watermelon”
  3. “Our love fern! You let it die!”
  4. ” You were a shooting star amongst ordinary stars”
  5. “It’s really funny. YOU bought an Edsel. “

We are joining The Cat on my Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!